My first photographs

my photography circa 2009- using a digital camera


I remember the time when i got interested in photography, i always want to take photos of things, but i dont have a camera, i think i was like 14 that time,maybe 2007,  i remember using my brother’s cellphone with a camera and take lots of photos using it, like photographing leaves, sky, toys etc. i can take shots when hes not using it, and when i get it back, i delete the photos, haha unfortunately i havent saved anything from the cellphone.

little yellow truck (circa 2009)

So after that, i wanted to have a cellphone like that. (haha i didndt even thought having a camera, i am that dumb that time haha just kidding) i want it so bad, i dont really like texting, but i want to use it for photography.  months after that im using our digicam to take photographs ( like the photos on this post) , maybe i didnt got that cellphone but luckily we have a digital camera, imagine how hard it is to focus using a automatic ( and can never be manual) digital camera haha, it took lots of patience, but it is worth it! i practiced editing photos and focusing on subjects. from that times of my life, even i got my first slr, i never stopped taking photographs, which is my love, life and passion.

gt tower in makati 2009

a leaf



  1. Tarina

    Haha, my first shots were probably something like power lines xD
    Although I was younger then. I like the one with the palm tree and the apartment. 🙂

  2. cloverxxkorhz

    This is inspiring! My first shots where flowers and trees, also using a digital camera. Back then, I was so eager to have a DSLR thinking I would instantly become a professional photographer, years later, got my own DSLR and realized owning a DSLR won’t make you a professional photographer. It is the skills, the passion and the eye that would make you one! 🙂

    Keep shooting!


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