No wonder phones can get good photos too 🙂 if it happens that you want to take photos at that moment but your cameras at home iphone can get handy, pretty descent shots eh? 🙂

Posted this using mobile, im not home so i cant post from my pc


hey Im back! The Diplomat Hotel


PHOTO: a shot i took in 2013, the Haunted Diplomat hotel in Baguio city, which is a beautiful and at the same time creepy Building, awesome eh? 🙂

Logging in WordPress seems to take a lot while for me, whoa it is like a year since i last wrote something here. well i think its never too late to update this blog! i don’t now where to start really, i assume most followers forgot that this blog exists, kidding! haha i keep getting mail updates of  the blogs i follow so i decided to check out my wordpress again and probably get back to photoblogging which i really love. You know sometimes youre not at your highest points in life, lack of passion stucks each one of us in some moments, but that wont stop me now for sure. Im really looking forward to make this blog active again, i got inspired by the bloggers here who takes wonderful photos. me and my d90 will have some awesome adventures again. im really excited 🙂


BenCab Museum visit


Hey wordpress. whew its been a while. i said on one of my post that my camera broke right?, we visited baguio (again) and i used this nikon d90 family camera cos i really miss photography,(hoping to get a new camera on my birthday ;))


so i took lots of photos of this musem, bencab museum at baguio, it houses tons of beautiful and cool paintings by different filipino artists, Mostly form BenCab or Benedicto Reyes Cabrera, he was awarded National Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts in 2006. The museum is actually located on a mountain with views of greeneries, who will think a musuem is hiding on a green mountain?. i can sit there and relax or look at the paintings there for hours.


high and dry

okay, so first explaining the title, im listening to the song high and dry by radiohead while writing this post, haha and im actually on a “high”place which is Baguio city in the philippines, it is really hot in manila these weeks to we visited baguio which is actually the coldest place in the philippines. it is located on a mountainous area in north.


the photo is the view from where im sleeping, sorry for the crappy unjustifying photo, im using a damn ipad. haha 🙂

my Camera is dead

okay, so the reason why i got my blog inactive it is because my camera broke, it finally gave up unfortunately. happens almost a month ago, actually its a camera that has some problems since then. it feels incomplete without taking photos with that camera. haha, if im being emotional, i just wanna say im taking photos using my canon for years, and its been awesome.

Thank you guys for the follow the likes and the comments , It means a lot to me! i hope to get back soon!


-the freak

Happy New year Everyone!

wishing you all happy and a prosperous new year 2013! 

spent new year in eastwood city with my family, watched one of my favorite bands play one of my favorite songs! how awesome is that?  not the best tho, the first new year we didnt spent with my 2 other siblings. 


:)) Happy new year! gonna post photos on my next post! 🙂