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a place called nostalgia

a place called nostalgia

took the photo circa.2012

while browsing my photographs on my flickr account that i havent open in years, some good ole photographs made me visit nostalgia. a rush of feelings, emotions circling. a lot have changed since then. I realize how my old canon shoot beautifully than nikon d90, i remember how i loved canon more than nikon and i know now why.

every single photographs not just tell a story but brings back feelings as well. every single photographs brings back lots of wonderful memories, thats what photographs can do. we take photographs for that feelings


my Camera is dead

okay, so the reason why i got my blog inactive it is because my camera broke, it finally gave up unfortunately. happens almost a month ago, actually its a camera that has some problems since then. it feels incomplete without taking photos with that camera. haha, if im being emotional, i just wanna say im taking photos using my canon for years, and its been awesome.

Thank you guys for the follow the likes and the comments , It means a lot to me! i hope to get back soon!


-the freak

Christmas time once again

Once again its Christmas. It brings back lots of memories from childhood. I remember when i was young, I do not really believe in santa claus, haha that is funny because i always wonder how santa can come inside our house, well were living in a tropical country that doesnt have chimneys err haha , santa claus is always depicting going down on chimneys, so i wonder if santa is real, haha . I also remember a time when me and my sister hanged a sock on the window at midnight and woke up i found a gift on the sock that i recognized from a store, so i knew that my parents bought it and put it in the sock, of course i didnt tell them that i know that santa isnt real, cos i dont want to spoil it to my sister. so funny memories that i remember when its christmas.



What are your childhood christmas memories? :))

-L Garcia

My first photographs

my photography circa 2009- using a digital camera


I remember the time when i got interested in photography, i always want to take photos of things, but i dont have a camera, i think i was like 14 that time,maybe 2007,  i remember using my brother’s cellphone with a camera and take lots of photos using it, like photographing leaves, sky, toys etc. i can take shots when hes not using it, and when i get it back, i delete the photos, haha unfortunately i havent saved anything from the cellphone.

little yellow truck (circa 2009)

So after that, i wanted to have a cellphone like that. (haha i didndt even thought having a camera, i am that dumb that time haha just kidding) i want it so bad, i dont really like texting, but i want to use it for photography.  months after that im using our digicam to take photographs ( like the photos on this post) , maybe i didnt got that cellphone but luckily we have a digital camera, imagine how hard it is to focus using a automatic ( and can never be manual) digital camera haha, it took lots of patience, but it is worth it! i practiced editing photos and focusing on subjects. from that times of my life, even i got my first slr, i never stopped taking photographs, which is my love, life and passion.

gt tower in makati 2009

a leaf

The negative side of life


My Photography: took this shots last week,


Negative, Literally, haha i realized negatives also highlights a photograph, and sometimes make it look better and improve a simple image. i love how it highlights the subject. took this photos at manila

photos from left to right: Mall of asia, National museum , Roxas boulevard, the queen ant i found, a statue in quiapo and mall of asia arena parking building.