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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

first thing that came into my mind.. The diplomat hotel, has been abandoned for years, it has become a famous haunted place. it was a hotel but there was a cross on top of it, weird eh?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


My Photography circa nov. 2012, Zuellig tower, Makati cbd, Philippines

Reflections reminds me of skyscrapers towering above the skies, reflecting clouds and buildings around it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

been a week since i last posted!  Weekly photo challenge-green. When i saw the photo challenge first thing that came into my mind is nature,  Green is the color that can rarely be seen in a city,  i see greens in relaxing places, serene landscapes, far away from the urban jungle. Green is not much of a color to me but a feeling, a feeling of serenity.


Thanks by the way to all the Followers! i recently got a hundred so thanks a lot to the creative people on wordpress specially on really great photographers around 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Times square sa ilocos

a foreign sign, i saw this sign here in my country

Nope, that is not in New York  It is uncommon to see a sign of times square here in the Philippines, that’s in a restaurant in Laoag city, Ilocos norte we visited last year, actually the restaurant has a vintage diner theme with signs and photos of the Beatles, James dean and Marilyn Monroe.  Im hoping to see the Real times square sign in New York next year!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette



hey wordpress! well its been a month since i last posted! i missed posting here=),   so for my first weekly photo challenge,This photo is taken, i think august, its a monument in front of quiapo church in manila. When i saw the theme of the week i remember this photo instantly.