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its a bird! its a plane! well err, it IS a plane.

its a bird! its a plane! well err, it IS a plane.

okay i admit the title is a bit odd but, hey! thats a plane indeed. this set of photos are a favorite of mine. I waited at the park while trying to take this shots, waiting for the plane. its funny cos it flies above my head before i know it! unpredictable indeed. If youre asking why theres a lot of planes passing by,(i only waited for like, 30 minutes every plane) is in fact there is a flying school nearby. that answers that!


Skyscrapers of Makati

I took These photos around november 2012, When were on the streets of makati. well, I find skyscrapers awesome cause it shows great architecture and engineering.  There’s actually more skyscrapers around that i didnt manage to take shots.  🙂

PBCom tower

the Philippine Stock Exchange

Robinsons Tower

Im going to the Eighth Wonder

The Cordilleras

The Cordilleras


we arrived yesterday from the mountainous region of cordilleras, its actually the coldest place in the philippines, weve been on a really long trips while going to places 😀 haha.

we first arrived in baguio and we slept there for a night so we got a chance to visit the public market and buy some food and stuff, i bought ube jam which is my favorite, i ate it when we got back to the house were staying. we had our lunch at good taste baguio, they actually have good food and price, after we had lunch we visited the baguio cathedral and took some photos

The nesxt day we woke up really early (4:00 am) and headed to sagada, Mountain Province which is the home of the hanging coffins of ifugao, We also tried spelunking in Sumaguing Cave, its my first time and its an awesome experience! the beautiful stones hiding under the caves is worth the suffering lol haha

the next day we woke up early again, now for the 8th wonder! i got excited cos i really wanna see its awesomeness. We arrived there like 12 pm, the trip took hours before we got there but its worth it!  I cant imagine hands built that wonder.

We consider the Banaue rice terraces the 8th wonder, it is built by hand by the natives of ifugao by hand 2000 years ago, its really awesome. im glad we didnt spent summer on a beach cos in Freakin Hot! ah yeah we bought Large strawberries in the starberry farm, too bad the strawberries are still not ready to be picked,. i didnt Know that cordillera is this great, I really wanna live there because of the cool wheather.  well its been a cool summer and ill probably go back in cordillera. ^_^